Mrs. Jessica Wahnon

My job as the school counselor at TCMS is to support our students through their journey through middle school, which at times can be can be quite challenging for them. I am able to provide assistance in the areas of academic, personal/social, career, and Multicultural/Global Citizenship Development. If your child is having any sort of issue or difficulty, please don't hesitate to call me at 987-6555, #302 or email me at

Let's set our kids up for success this year! Here are some basic guidelines to help your child get off on the right foot this year in middle school

  1. Attend school every day unless ill, and get to school on time.
  2. Get plenty of sleep each night (8 - 10 hours).
  3. Eat a healthy breakfast each morning.
  4. Pay attention in class.
  5. Write down assignments daily in TCMS planner.
  6. Start projects with plenty of time for completion.
  7. Complete homework assignments on time.
  8. Ask for help when needed.
  9. Read for fun as well as for school!

Even though middle school children may act like they wish their parents would disappear at times, they still need you around. Research shows that student achievement improves when parents stay actively involved in their child's education. Ask them what they are learning each day, talk about their homework assignments and show them that you think learning is important.

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