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As many of you are aware, new state laws require an armed, trained, first responder on every school campus during the school day beginning in the 2018-2019 school year. Statutes 1002.33(7)(d)1 and Statutes 1002.33(7)(d)1 and 1002.33(9)(p) indicate that the following items must appear on the website of every public school. You may click on each item below for a link to that information

Reporting Misconduct 1006.01 Florida

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Emergency Management

While TCMS has measures in place for the safety of our students and staff, many of those procedures are confidential as an added protective measure and per state statute. Many parents and community members are concerned about issues of school safety. Listed below are some frequently asked questions about our preparedness efforts.

How does TCMS maintain preparedness? We collaborate with experts regarding safety, security, and weather related procedures, we continually engage with local public safety agencies, we conduct safety related drills on our school campus, and we have comprehensive, multilayered, security.

How often do schools conduct drills, and what types are conducted? School based drills are mandated for educational sites, per 1006.07 sec. 4(a) (b), Florida Statute. Fire drills can also be found in the Florida Fire Prevention Code 69A-60. Schools conduct 18 drills each school year; two drills in August and two drills per month thereafter. Seven are fire/emergency egress drills, two are for severe weather, and nine are active assailant drills. Our school is in compliance with the prescribed drill schedule year-to-date.


School Safety Officer

In compliance with Florida Statutes 1006.12 – TCMS has a school safety officer on campus during school hours.

As many of you are aware, new state laws require an armed, trained, first responder on every school campus during the school day beginning in the 2018-2019 school year.

A school safety officer has and shall exercise the power to make arrests for violations of law on district school board property and to arrest persons, whether on or off such property, who violate any law on such property under the same conditions that deputy sheriffs are authorized to make arrests. A school safety officer has the authority to carry weapons when performing his or her official duties.


Fire, Health and Safety

Annual Comprehensive Fire Safety, Casualty and Sanitation Inspections are conducted in compliance with district policies.

Fire exit drills shall be conducted at times designated by the principal, following instruction of all classes regarding exits to be used in case of fire. At least one fire exit drill shall be conducted every month school is in session. Any emergency evacuation drill (e.g., "crisis event"), completely performed, may be substituted for a required fire exit drill in a given month. All drills and all deficiencies affecting egress shall be documented using the on-line fire drill reporting form.
Inspections of all buildings including educational facilities, ancillary plants, and auxiliary facilities for casualty safety, and sanitation shall be conducted at least once during each fiscal year.

Our school cafeteria posts in a visible location and on the school website the school's semiannual sanitation certificate and a copy of its most recent sanitation inspection report. Biomedical Waste Plan: The plan includes a description of training for personnel. It also includes procedures for segregating, labeling, packaging, transporting, storing, and treating, biomedical waste as well as procedures for decontaminating biomedical waste spills This plan is used as a contingency plan for emergencies.


Visitation and Badging

Visiting Our School: Visitors to any campus must sign in with the receptionist in the office. Photo identification is required. Any individual considered a non-student must obtain administrative clearance prior to entering the building. All visitors are screened through FDLE and are screened for sex offender status. Also, vendors must be Jessica Lunsford compliant.

The classroom teacher will be given advanced notice for parent classroom visits. A pass will be issued to those persons who have legitimate business with the school. Persons without a pass are subject to trespass violation and possible arrest.

Students who are enrolled in any Hillsborough County Public School may not visit any other school without the permission of the administrative personnel at the visiting school. Any student found in violation of this policy will be subject to school disciplinary action.

Visitors must receive approval from the principal in advance to observe in a classroom. Teachers cannot stop classroom activities to hold a parent conference.

Students cannot arrange for their friends or relatives from other schools to visit the school at any time.

Any individual found on the campus without clearance from a member of the administrative staff may be arrested for trespassing.


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These links are to web sites that are not in control of Hillsborough County Public Schools (HCPS). These are provided as a service and should NOT be considered an endorsement by HCPS.

Under Florida law, e-mail addresses are public records. If you do not want your e-mail address released in response to a public records request, do not send electronic mail to this entity. Instead, contact this office by phone or in writing.


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