Tahvia Shaw

Dear TCMS Family and Friends,

We are approaching the close of the 2015-2016 school year. 

We have enjoyed many successes during this year.  Our students, who are committed to learning and achieving success, continue to shine in the community and across the state. 

 Middle school can be a very difficult and challenging time for children.  Not only are they learning how to learn, study and produce results, they are also learning how to build character, behave appropriately and understand that there are real consequences for their actions.  At TCMS, our goal is to teach our students respect and responsibility.  We appreciate the support that we receive from our parents in teaching these very important, yet difficult lessons.  In the weeks ahead, as we begin to close out this school year it is very important that our students finish strong. 

Each spring, we notice that students tend to become a bit anxious and lose focus.  We tend to see an increase in students making poor choices, which leads to poor behavior.  Help us by encouraging your child to refocus and commit to ending the school year successfully.  There is still a great deal of content to learn in order to prepare for their final exams.  I ask that our students study and prepare to end the school year on a positive note. 

Lastly, I would like to express a heartfelt thank you for the wonderful gifts and cards that were received during National Teacher Appreciation week. The TCMS faculty felt greatly appreciated this week. I would also like to thank our TCMS and Tampa Bay community for the amazing participation in Give Day Tampa Bay. Through your efforts, TCMS received donations in the amount of $6,975 on this one day of giving.   We hope that you will consider donating again next year.

Warm regards,

Tahvia Shaw, M.Ed




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